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Virus and Malware Removal

Catching malware or a virus is just too easy.

You no longer need to be visiting unsavoury websites or opening spam emails. The places that you can “catch” a virus can be hugely divergent. You can get them all over the internet. It is still extremely common for viruses to be spread by malicious emails that take over your address book.

What has changed is what the virus will do to your computer. Once upon a time a virus would take over your computer, stop it working completely or totally erase everything on your computer making it completely unworkable.ok.

  1. Files seem to be deleted, hidden or not able to be opened.
  2. The whole computer is running slowly.
  3. There are lots of error messages on start up.

Sadly, having a current anti-virus program installed and up-to-date does not ensure the safety of your computer. As fast as the anti-virus programs can create updates to protect you, the developers of malicious software are working hard to circumvent these protections.

It is vital that you allow your anti-virus software to run regular updates to ensure it is working as efficiently as possible and will protect you against any newly released viruses.

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Here are Blue Man Computers, we are happy to offer a comprehensive virus removal service covering Mandurah, Rockingham and Fremantle with all stops in between.

We not only clean the obvious infections on your computer but run a thorough scan across all storage areas within your machine to ensughostre any hidden infections are also found and eliminated.

If you are unsure about how your computer is running, we are always happy to talk through the symptoms you are experiencing and make some suggestions and recommendations.




In 2014, a virus came out that proved to be harder to remove than anything ever seen before. The Cryptolocker virus worked by encrypting all of the files on your computer and only “decrypting” them once you had paid a ransom. The ransom needed to be paid promptly. The reality of this is that you are giving your credit card details to a business that developed this virus and is making money illegally. There is no telling what might be done with your credit card details once they have been handed over. What is most frustrating about this virus is that, to date, there has been no solution to the problem of your files being encrypted. This means that whilst the virus can be removed from your computer, the files are not recoverable in most cases.

tickWhen it comes to anti-virus programs, remember that 2 will not work twice as well as one. The reverse is actually true. If you have more than one anti-virus program on your computer, they can actually cancel each other
out and your computer can be at risk.

Another extremely common virus is the AFP virus (Australian Federal Police). This is a sophisticated virus that uses your computers webcam to take a photo of you using your computer. This photo is then used in a communication to you that suggests that you have visited some illegal pornography websites and that you need to pay a fine. Again, they ask for your credit card details. Again, it is not recommended that you provide your credit card details to this organisation. This AFP virus can be successfully removed from your computer and all files that appear deleted can be restored.

  1. Avoid visiting your bank website or conduct any internet banking.
  2. Do not make any online purchases that require you to enter your credit card details.
  3. Do not use other online payment methods such as paypal.
  4. Do not share any personal information on that computer that may help to identify you including your full name, address or date of birth.

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